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Moving beyond execution, administration and product generation, to advisory services.

As proven in New Zealand, Chelmer's technology can be a catalyst to move traditional stockbroking/execution business models, and the historic approach to delivering asset allocation and diversification through product generation, toward new models. Chelmer's managed service/portfolio approach provides ongoing value-adding services to investors by changing the adviser/investor relationship, how advice gets delivered, and how trading occurs.

Chelmer has recognized that in the Philippines context where the trust business model delivering fund-based products is pervasive, our technology doesn’t force the replacement of core legacy systems. Rather, it can wrap around fund administration platforms and boost the level of sophistication beyond registry and pricing functions, while preserving the investment in the existing platforms and providing a migration path for functions that are not fit for purpose.

The aggregation platform and digital engagement strategy allows bank providers to move from a short-term execution to long-term digital engagement with investors. A more compelling proposition for banks and their investors alike.

The driver for this is that technology has automated execution, so the value is now in advice, asset allocation and diversification customized to each investor. To offer this, you need knowledge and insights. Chelmer provides this via an aggregation layer and digital delivery that is efficient and scalable vs. the historical model of personal contact that is overly dependent on personnel and difficult to scale.

Additionally, technology is solving problems, such as the eradication of trust that the GFC demonstrated. Digital and data is more trustworthy, and a more timely, reliable and sophisticated way of delivering information. This is particularly true when it’s presented in different ways according to end-user needs – be that a bank, broker, adviser or investor.

In essence, Chelmer products support traditional models, yet provide direct access to more current thinking and technology. Importantly, products/services can be more bespoke, bringing personalization and sophistication to end-user clients in an efficient way.

"Good technology allows personalization of services at a mass scale" – Andy Robertson, Chief Innovation Officer, Chelmer.

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