Simply Wall St
Simply Wall Street aligns with Chelmer's strategy of 'many parts a single solution' and our view of partnerships to make complementary offerings accessible to our clients and their customers. Further, we’re committed to working with best-of-breed technology partners.
What is it?

It’s software that helps people become a better investors via more informed decisions, by giving access to institutional quality data and analysis presented visually. It was started after realising how many people are buying stocks only based on news hype or random hunches because it's too complicated for them to do proper research. In essence, it helps people become better investors by turning complicated financial data into easy-to-understand infographics.

Why did we choose it?

It’s proven (over 350,000 investors use it), it's best-of-breed, and their delivery of service and information is important and complementary for our clients and their customers. We like the product and their philosophy, we have complementary values and thinking as well as complementary technology.

"Our goal is to empower retail investors to make profitable, non-emotional, long-term investment decisions." – Simply Wall Street

What will it do?

It'll help democratise wealth by making information available in new, interpretable ways. It delivers digital data via an elegant user experience to communicate key information to advisors and investors in an easily consumable and engaging manner.

Simply Wall St software screenshot

How'd it come about?

We met COO & Founder Nick Van Den Berg at a fintech symposium, got some insight into what Simply Wall Street were doing and decided it’d be great to integrate it with Myriad to give our clients new ability to deliver services and information.

"We’re trying to empower investors and provide information in an engaging way" – Richard Reid, Partnerships Manager, Chelmer.

At the end of the day

Clients want solutions that work. They want functionality that is useful and relevant to inform their decisions. And, it needs to be easily integrable with existing Chelmer products so they can begin using it right away to improve performance and returns.

Simply Wall St software screenshot

Contact us to find out how data visualisation could help your business.

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