As a technology company, we believe in the power of technology to overcome barriers and make a significant impact on people’s lives.

This Christmas, in lieu of traditional gifts to our clients, we are proud to support the Moko Foundation an organisation that empowers and supports people to build better lives. 

Our Christmas donation will go towards the foundation's iMOKO™ programme – an innovative digital healthcare solution that utilises technology to deliver high quality, basic health services to vulnerable children. The donation will provide an entire school of approximately 100 children to have access to the programme.

How it works

The iMOKO™ programme places technology (smart tablets with iMOKO™ software) into schools and trains approved people to conduct health assessments of common child health problems. The information gathered is interpreted by a virtual telehealth team, using smart software supported by machine learning to make an accurate and prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Tia Ashby, iMOKO™ National Manager says while children under 14 get free healthcare from a GP in New Zealand, not all children are able access these services, particularly for rural and low socioeconomic communities. 

"We have a waiting list of schools who desperately want our support but are unable to source funding for the programme. Through smart technology, we can provide more health to more people for less money. The programme reduces the reliance on costly and difficult to source health professionals, and automates processes that improves the efficiency in the delivery of health services." 

"iMOKO is particularly valuable to the families that endure barriers to accessing primary care services, as the point of care diagnostic support enables a swift response to their health needs, that ultimately contributes towards improving their child's health and educational outcomes."

Improving lives through technology

Alin Ungureanu, Chelmer CEO says Chelmer and iMOKO™'s aligned purpose was one of the reasons that drew them to the programme.  

"Like iMOKO™, we hope to improve lives through our software. For us, this means making wealth creation simple for our clients and hence more accessible to everyone. Where we can, we look to make a wider impact by supporting organisations and programmes like iMOKO™ that are utilising technology to achieve positive outcomes for people in need."

To learn more about how iMOKO works visit the Moko Foundation website.

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