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June 21st, 2018

For decades Chelmer has been the pre-eminent software service partner to the wealth creation and management industry in New Zealand, providing software platforms that manage billions of dollars of investor assets and transacting hundreds of millions of dollars daily. Chelmer’s vision is to make wealth creation accessible for all through technology, so it was a natural progression to expand the services to off-shore partners.

The Board initiated a review of suitable markets where Chelmer technology could add value and determined that the Philippines was the right fit for expansion into Asia. It has a similar technology profile and infrastructure, particularly within the stock-broking community, and with its growing economy, Chelmer can deliver software solutions that will offer investors a wider range of digital services, as population wealth increases.

Believing in the value of partnerships, Chelmer had previously partnered with StrideEast around consulting and sought a Philippines partner to offer international Clients local representation with appropriate expertise and domain knowledge on the ground. Subsequently, a partnership was formed with Kris FinSoftware Founder and CEO, Krishan Grover and his team in 2017. Kris FinSoftware is a world-class partner to suppliers of digital, wealth and risk management solutions with offices in Singapore and Philippines. They have an excellent, long-established reputation in the Philippines, working with clients such as Chinabank, Union Bank, Security Bank, Veterans Bank and BDO Unibank.

The Kris FinSoftware philosophy of priding themselves on delivering seamless projects and working closely with partners to ensure that all of their projects are delivered "on time and within budget", fits with Chelmer’s philosophies. As well as ongoing service, any project teams stay at the bank site until cut-over to live system is completed, important for Chelmer’s international clients.

"Chelmer is known for their best-of-breed products and their ongoing commitment to customers and partners. Chelmer has never lost a customer. This aligns perfectly with the Kris FinSoftware mission to bring market leading products to the Philippines, backed up by a support structure that treats customers as their top-priority. Technology is critical, but people make all the difference"  Krishan Grover, CEO, Kris FinSoftware.

For more information on Kris FinSoftware visit www.krisfinsoftware.com.

Contact us to chat about utilizing Chelmer software in Asia.

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