Patience Project
As a wealthtech company, we use technology to achieve positive outcomes for our clients and their customers, and so we know that technology makes amazing things possible! We're proud to support the wonderful work the Patience Project is doing to achieve positive outcomes for young people with long-term illnesses. Using immersive technology, the initiative gives them the chance to re-engage with the world.

Created by the Martel family in 2018, the Project honors a commitment they made to their son Liam who died of cancer in 2016. Liam asked his family to "spend some time trying to make the lives of teenagers who are diagnosed with a long-term illness easier."

Ben Martel – Liam's father and the Project's director says the idea came about from witnessing what other sick teenagers were going through and the effects that long-term social isolation had on their mental wellbeing and morale.

"How it works, is we put a 360° camera inside the kid's classroom amongst their schoolmates, and then the kid gets a virtual reality headset so they can see and hear a livestream of everything going on – whether they’re at home or in hospital."

"Social connection is really important for their wellbeing and recovery. What they miss the most is their mates – so this enables them to stay connected and also keep learning."

On supporting the Project, Chelmer CEO, Alin Ungureanu says they were inspired by the clever use of technology.

"We specialise in wealth creation software, but deep down we're a bunch of technology geeks! When we heard about the Project, we wanted to do something to help it grow and kickstart their fundraising campaign. We were also looking for an initiative to support in lieu of Christmas gifts to our clients last year and so it was a perfect fit."

"We love how technology is being used to improve lives as this is something we also aim to do through the technology we create."

Ben Martel says one of their limitations to scale up as a charity is the cost of technology. "We really rely on the generosity of our community and sponsors. With Chelmer's donation we'll be able to add a new camera into the Project which will be used by at least two children each year."

With over 200 New Zealand children diagnosed with a significant illness every year, the Project’s goal is to help every one of these young people.

For more about the Patience Project and the impact it’s making, visit and check out some of their testimonial videos.

Make a donation towards the Patience Project’s Givealittle campaign and help them reach their 2019 goal of taking at least 100 kids through the Project.

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