Chelmer sustainable IT procurement
When it comes to procurement, refurbished IT assets offer a number of benefits that are not just better for business, but good for the environment. Committed to sustainable procurement, Chelmer has been working with Techbuyer - a global specialist in buying, refurbishing and selling Enterprise IT hardware and equipment.

Techbuyer has expanded rapidly since it was set up in 2005, and recently moved into Asia Pacific, opening a New Zealand office in 2018. As one of their first clients, Chelmer have been realising the environmental and cost benefits of refurbished technology for over a year. 

An advocate for maximising reuse, Chelmer CEO Alin Ungureanu says Chelmer are always looking for new opportunities to operate more sustainably.

"It's part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen. We know that every piece of hardware that comes out of a server room ends up predominantly in landfill. One reason we chose to work with Techbuyer is because it gives us an opportunity to reduce our environmental impact. Using technology that has plenty of life in it as opposed to filling the landfills means we can make a tangible impact."

As a financial software service provider, performance and peace of mind are also top priorities for Chelmer. Chelmer Service Delivery Manager, Reena Parbhu says having confidence in our hardware and equipment is critical. "Our operations are 24/7, so downtime is not an option. We need our procured hardware to be reliable, under warranty and subject to a strict SLA so that our operations continuously run smoothly for our clients."

Going forward, Chelmer will also have the added benefit of being able to sell back redundant or outdated IT assets to Techbuyer, ensuring they are equipped with the latest technology.

Techbuyer Asia Pacific Sales Director, Chris Pooley says their refurbished IT assets are just as reliable as brand new. "Anything that comes into our warehouse is comprehensively tested inside and out, and issued with certificates to prove this. We also offer a three-year warranty as standard on all parts, and a lifetime warranty on request."

With data security a top concern for many organisations, Techbuyer have strict protocols in place from asset collection through to certified data destruction, to ensure customer information is protected at every stage.

Learn more about Techbuyer’s refurbished hardware and equipment, and how and why we use it in the video below, featuring our CEO Alin Ungureanu and Service Delivery Manager Reena Parbhu.

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