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July 16th, 2018

Chelmer and our Philippines partner Kris Finsoftware were pleased to attend the Trust Officers Association of the Philippines (TOAP) annual summit in Boracay in February, along with executives of top banks and the Deputy Governor, Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas, Ms. Chuchi G. Fonacier.

TOAP's vision is to be the authoritative private sector association in trust, fiduciary and asset management in the Asia Pacific region, and to grow the Trust and Asset Management industry to an international level. Chelmer were pleased to contribute to this by presenting on the personalization of service and re-imagining the approach to asset allocation, as well as contributing to a panel discussion.

Chelmer attends TOAP Summit 2018

Our CEO, Andy Robertson said he was looking to provoke discussion and provide thought-leadership from international trends through a synopsis of the current model and how to improve it by questioning the status quo and looking at it in a different way. He said that narrow thinking was being challenged by innovation, and technology that was once constrained is bringing capability into the market.

It was an opportunity to get international exposure for new ideas, along with the panel discussion about changes in industry drivers in an international context.

"We are interested in business problems and how to assist in meeting evolving future needs of customers" – Andy Robertson CEO, Chelmer.

Chelmer attends TOAP Summit 2018

In terms of take-outs from the conference, aside from location and hospitality, Andy said it highlighted a massive opportunity ahead for the Philippines, but also the reality of the status quo. In the absence of revolutionary disruption as an incentive, both drive and ambition would be required to take advantage of these opportunities.

"Banks are traditionally risk-averse and it requires a new progressive thinking to see how technology can allow services to improve and scale beyond the capability of human capital."

Have some thoughts you'd like to discuss? Contact Andy at andy.robertson@chelmer.co.nz or connect on LinkedIn.

Boracay, Philippines

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