The technology powering wealth management

Business outcomes

  • Improve cross team collaboration and performance.
  • Operate more efficiently.
  • Deliver personalisation at scale.
  • Mitigate technical and reputational risks.
  • Expand your financial service offering.
  • Focus on creating wealth for your customers.

The Chelmer Software Suite empowers financial institutions to manage customer wealth more effectively.

Chelmer services are flexible, modular, whole-of-business and future-proofed.

A single solution

Add value and mitigate risks with a single, streamlined solution:

  • Leverage existing technology.
  • Consolidate disparate systems and remove duplication.
  • Aggregate data and functional areas.
  • Automate and optimise core processes.
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps, data and transaction feeds.

Future proofing

We look ahead at future requirements and proactively keep you at the forefront of the technology curve by:

  • Identifying areas you can excel in.
  • Finding areas to improve.
  • Sourcing software to integrate.
  • Working towards seamless integration.

Stop your technology issues escalating now.

The Chelmer Suite provides a platform for the full business life cycle


Client onboarding at the beginning of the life-cycle and checking for compliance purposes


Capture customer instructions, originate orders, rebalance and create transactions


Execute orders, trade, settle money and register/transfer assets


Transactions are aggregated into account, portfolio, customer, family office, asset registry – any view


Daily validation of asset and cash positions


Capture and process events, creating transactions to adjust holdings – such as share splits or dividends


Digital solutions to engage customers in their wealth creation

Robust fintech a source of stability during crisis

Robust fintech a source of stability during crisis

29 May 2020

As a technology provider, our role during the COVID-19 pandemic is to be a source of stability for our clients. Find out how our platform enabled our clients to maintain operations during lockdown and scale with significant increases in trading activity.

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Yovich & Co leaps forward with CSS upgrade

Yovich & Co leaps forward with CSS upgrade

9 February 2020

Soon to be leveraging the latest client and portfolio management features of the Chelmer Software Suite (CSS), Yovich & Co Wealth Management will be able to spend more time advising and creating wealth for their clients.

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Improving lives through technology: iMOKO

Improving lives through technology: iMOKO

20 December 2019

This Christmas, we're proud to support the iMOKO™ programme – an innovative digital healthcare solution that utilises technology to deliver high quality, basic health services to vulnerable children.

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We help you stay in control of your technology, so you can focus on your core business.