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Support at every stage

Managing complex financial transactions, large data volumes and high-value assets requires financial software and support you can depend on. Our flexible, future-proofed approach maximises Myriad’s benefits for your business and facilitates easy adaptation to evolving industry demands and market volatility.

Implementation & transition to the Myriad platform

Chelmer is an expert in transition, migration and technology upgrade projects with a strong track record of successful implementations, many of which have involved the replacement of legacy systems with Myriad’s modern tech stack.

We have drawn on our experience to develop and refine a robust project methodology, starting with meeting your team to understand workflows and business requirements and custom configure our software to meet your needs.

Integration with legacy systems

The implementation of Myriad can involve an upgrade to an existing Myriad solution, or the integration of Myriad into a client’s existing legacy system.

Myriad solutions enhance user experience by enabling greater UI personalisation and opening up opportunities for new features and third-party data to be integrated faster and more seamlessly into UIs. We have embedded Glue42 Core, an open-source integration platform that supports configurable workflows between web and desktop apps.


Training sessions and documentation

Our proposed low-risk solution and implementation strategy means that training requirements are low.

Before going live, we will provide user documentation so users can understand how to perform their day-to-day roles and get in the mode to start creating data and working in the application. Training sessions broken into logical groupings of system functionality are interactive and can be conducted in person or remotely.

Ongoing support

We offer project implementation and post implementation support services customised to your business needs to keep your operations running smoothly.

We are ready to take action to ensure our clients meet the obligations they have to their customers and the markets. Support services include configuration management, change release management, database support and more; they are supported by our Helpdesk team, onsite engineers, experienced consultants and a dedicated Client Success Manager.

A seamless transition: Yovich & Co

“A seamless transition was an important consideration for us during our software upgrade. Chelmer made the process as simple as possible; keeping us informed about how the upgrade will impact and improve our business and highlighting similarities between the old and new solution”

— Jarrod Goodall, Yovich & Co Director.


Using custom software components and an ‘open architecture’ approach, we progressively replaced existing systems and seamlessly connected internal and external systems for a highly integrated solution. We demonstrated our ability to carefully balance system implementation and client needs, all the while minimising disruption and managing risk.


  • Simplified technology infrastructure with improved functionality to achieve greater levels of automation and efficiency.
  • Creation of a single source of truth, with no data replication and a consolidated view for advisors.
  • Ability to service more clients with great efficiency and provide a more tailored, sophisticated service.
  • Clients experienced growth in client managed funds.
  • A progressive partnership approach to the evolution of wealth management software.

Discover what’s possible when you partner with Chelmer. We know how to streamline operations and free up more time to enhance client wealth creation.