Goodbye to limits

Myriad is our integrated set of financial software modules that provide a fully automated, highly-scalable, end-to-end solution for wealth management.

Built on industry-standard, open database architecture, Myriad offers a high level of flexibility and an extensive breadth and depth of functionality. It also integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow and infrastructure. With a thorough understanding of your requirements, our expert team will custom-configure Myriad to deliver a tailored wealth management solution for your business.

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Manage customers, advise, trade, invest, and execute tasks and transactions – all in one platform. Myriad supports front, middle/back office operations in a multi-currency, multi-asset, multi-market environment. The focus is on data aggregation, providing a single customer view and adviser functionality. Modern API access allows for seamless integration with legacy and third-party systems.

Host important customer information, onboard clients, originate orders, and re-balance portfolios. Portfolio positions and performance can be tracked and orders originated for advisory and discretionary services.

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An asset and portfolio management platform providing real-time decision-making support, rebalancing capabilities against customisable mandates and models, and reporting facilities in a multi-asset, multi-currency environment.

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Automate custodial and wrap services for institutional and retail business models, with multi-currency and multi-instrument settlement.

A call/term deposit registry and cash management system. Provide customer omnibus account facilities and products in any currency. Automate banking and cash account reconciliation, and provide a centralised cash settlement pool for customers trading disparate products on different platforms.

An automated, real-time straight-through-processing (STP) solution. This module provides a general ledger and accounting system with client funds account (trust) incorporated into the banking. An interface with SWIFT, or proprietary market settlement and clearing house regimes, provides market side stock and cash settlement.

Order creation and aggregation, trade-desk, order routing, and FIX connectivity functionality. Automate and reconcile transactions and pass to settlements, and manage to external markets and destinations (EMS).

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Extensive pre and post trade rules, validation and business process flows in real time.

A single source solution for the management of all tradable instruments and assets. An asset register maintenance feature provides a datastore for managing issuers, assets, products and market listings.

Analyse performance, contribution, attribution and tax; track costs, returns and value by numerous industry standards, in multiple formats and currencies.

Leverage the market value of securitised assets with customer loans in any currency. Myriad’s lending module coverage includes margin lending, collateral management and margin management. Together with comprehensive reporting and exposure management, it provides a complete business solution.

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Account for and report on brokerage and commission charges on transactions and recurring fee income on portfolios.

Manage your own asset registry or provide external registry reconciliation. Reconcile one-to-one, to omnibus, to pooled holdings on trade or settled dated basis for any asset.

Capture and process the complete CA processing lifecycle, with an ability to interface to CA announcement providers, or manually enter CA headers where a provider doesn’t exist. Track entitlement positions and workflow for investor communication for voluntary actions, and generate holding adjustment transactions while tracking tax obligations.

Performance, contribution and attribution reporting is provided through either a full digital experience or automated reporting, in multiple formats. Track cost, returns and value by numerous industry standards in any currency. View portfolio activity and profit / loss, with the ability to cross order flow or run a dark pool. Reports can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

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User Interfaces

Our innovative UI approach offers personalisation at scale. Interfaces can be customised for users to perform the unique functions of their role; providing a seamless workflow tool and a highly relevant, simplified view of information and activity. Utilising Glue42 Core, Myriad can be easily integrated with other critical desktop applications to create a single, unified advisor desktop. Standardised core components mean users get a consistent experience each time new functionality is enabled.

Made for advisors, brokers, intermediaries, private bankers, asset managers and relationship managers. The Advisor Portal integrates core module functionality to create a front-office customer management system. It provides a highly customisable, single, customer-centric view of all information and activity for managing customer wealth.

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Engage customers in their wealth creation. Made for advisors, fund / asset managers and their customers, the Investor Portal provides a highly customisable, multi-view dashboard of all customer and investment information for portfolio and tax reporting. The portal utilises the same data as the Advisor Portal to create efficiencies with one seamless workflow.

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Get things done through our management and operations-based portals. Myriad’s highly customisable modules provide operations managers, lenders, dealers, traders, and investment and asset managers with a personalised, task-centric, centrally-managed view of selected middle and back office activities.

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How does Myriad compare?


  • Mass approach
  • Not tailored
  • Workarounds required
  • Hard to customize
  • Low tech
  • Cheap
  • Versions released


  • Tailored
  • Iterative (shared costs)
  • Cost effective
  • Inclusive (core and open source)
  • Accessible knowledge
  • Integrates easily
  • Leverages existing technology
  • Optimal client experience
  • Trusted
  • Customized
  • Proprietary

Bespoke product

  • Proprietary
  • Expensive to create
  • Expensive to support
  • Legacy and obsolescence issues
  • Walled-garden knowledge
  • Not easily updatable
  • Lost market opportunities
  • Degraded client experience
  • Fit for purpose

Myriad is proven so you can have confidence in your technology, service and risk minimisation.

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