Software suite

An integrated set of modules that provide a fully automated, end-to-end solution for wealth and financial services.

The focus is on data aggregation, providing a single customer view and adviser functionality. Adjunct component software enhances the life and leverages functionality of existing technology, and provides a path for the replacement of legacy systems.


Front office single view of customer

Customer Relationship Management is provided through the Fusion adviser portal that is designed to be a single user interface for...

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Asset record management

The Chelmer Software Suite acts as a single source for management of tradeable instruments and assets.

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Equity & fixed interest market settlement

The automated clearing of equities and fixed interest module provides a general ledger and accounting system with client funds account...

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Cash management

Provide customer omnibus account facilities and products in any currency. Highly automated banking and cash account reconciliation.

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Portfolio management

Asset and portfolio management is provided via the Wrapport module.

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Portfolio, performance and tax reporting

Portfolio performance, contribution and attribution reporting is provided through either a full digital experience or automated reporting, in...

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Corporate action processing

The Corporate Action module provides a complete corporate action processing life cycle.

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Custody and accounting

The Custodian module, provides a platform for the automation of custodial and wrap services for institutional and retail business models.

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Fees and brokerage and commissions

Account for and report on brokerage and commission charges on transactions and recurring fee income on portfolios.

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Registry and registry reconciliation

Manage your own asset registry or provide external registry reconciliation with the Reconciliation module.

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Margin and securitized lending

The Margin Lending module enables leveraging the market value of securitized assets with customer loans in any currency.

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  • Mass approach
  • Not tailored
  • Workarounds required
  • Hard to customize
  • Low tech
  • Cheap
  • Versions released

Chelmer Service

  • Tailored
  • Iterative (shared costs)
  • Cost effective
  • Inclusive (core and open source)
  • Accessible knowledge
  • Integrates easily
  • Leverages existing technology
  • Optimal client experience
  • Trusted
  • Customized
  • Proprietary

Bespoke Product

  • Proprietary
  • Expensive to create
  • Expensive to support
  • Legacy and obsolescence issues
  • Walled-garden knowledge
  • Not easily updatable
  • Lost market opportunities
  • Degraded client experience
  • Fit for purpose