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We make wealth
creation simple

Our know-how and specialist end-to-end wealth management software empower financial institutions to manage customer wealth more effectively and create operational efficiency.

Improve business outcomes

Our financial software automates the investment process, delivering a range of outcomes to support your business growth, from reducing operating costs and expanding your financial service offering, to improving ROI and creating a competitive advantage.

Consolidate technology

Consolidate disparate systems, remove duplication, aggregate data and functional areas and automate core processes with our single, streamlined financial software solutions for wealth management.


Aggregate data across legacy and third-party systems into a single client view. Manage portfolios across platforms, leveraging your existing technology, and manage it all with Myriad.

A standardised yet
customisable solution

Our financial software is a flexible, fit-for-purpose solution with custom-configurable modules that can be tailored to meet your unique business needs and processes, delivering data and information the way you want it.

Progressive, future-proofed technology

As the industry, your customers and your business evolve, we evolve our wealth management software; adjusting configurations, adding new features, and integrating the latest advances quickly and effectively.

Our platform is customisable to suit the needs of wealth management professionals

Myriad’s integrated set of highly customisable modules provides more relevant features than any other wealth management software.

Wealth Management

Myriad offers a complete front to back office solution for wealth management firms operating in a multi-currency, multi-asset and multi-market environment.

  • CRM functionality
  • Reconcile with external custody platforms, or use Myriad for in-house custody
  • Advisor and investor portals
  • Customise the platform to streamline wealth management workflow

Managed &
Discretionary Accounts

Our customisable robust financial software allows client asset preferences to be managed efficiently at scale, including managing portfolios, asset allocation targets, and streamlining discretionary managed account strategies.

  • Provide specific investment models to advisor groups
  • Create views for investors/advisors and asset managers
  • Sophisticated investor reporting

Custodial Services

Streamline your custodial obligations and management of assets in custody, with Myriad's aggregation model enabling you to pull data from different custody platforms into a single view.

  • Corporate Action processing
  • Asset and cash reconciliation
  • General ledger output to accounting platforms
  • Sophisticated investor reporting

Retail Broking

Myriad empowers you to create investor views based on the sophistication of investors, from simple to complicated.

  • Provide services for execution only clients
  • Traditional or fractional investing business models
  • Self-directed clients can trade but can also move to a FUM model over time as their portfolio expands

We have the experience and best in class technology for more efficient, scalable wealth management.