Craigs artwork unveiling

Left to right: Andy Robertson (Chief Innovation Officer) and Alin Ungureanu (CEO) from Chelmer, with Stuart Prendergast (Head of Information & Communications Technology), Ken Philip (Chief Financial Officer), and Ryan Bacher (Chief Operating Officer) from Craigs.

This week, we celebrated our relationship with Craigs Investment Partners – one of New Zealand’s largest investment advisory firms.

Chelmer CEO Alin Ungureanu, and Chief Innovation Officer Andy Robertson, presented Craigs with a commissioned piece of artwork at their head office in Tauranga. The artwork, created by artist Bec Robertson, symbolises the relationship we have built over many years of working together, the values we share, and our ongoing commitment to support Craigs with innovative, market-leading solutions.

"We wanted to create something to acknowledge where our businesses have been and where they are going; intrinsically linked, synergistically growing and evolving together" said Alin.

The designs were inspired by the ancient Greek Ouroboros, which symbolises eternity, and pays homage to the Māori Pikorua which refers to eternal emerging paths in life; a powerful statement of loyalty. Pendants carved in these designs were traditionally given as an offering of friendship between different tribes.

Craigs and Chelmer will each have a piece of the artwork. When put together, the two pieces create one solid form, with Chelmer as the solid background piece, representative of their robust technology and long-standing team.

Craigs has been a Chelmer client for 22 years; and during this time, we have worked collaboratively on a number of products and services to support Craigs' evolving business and customer needs. The Chelmer Software Suite currently supports Craigs' front, middle and back office operations, for wealth management, cash management, broking, and custodial services.

Andy says a mutual focus on innovation and delivering exceptional value for clients is what brought them together and remains a strong driver of their successful collaboration.

"We have been continually evolving our software suite for over 30 years, investing heavily in R&D with dedicated strategic innovation capabilities. Our clients inform priorities and needs, and their input and feedback is taken as a continual cycle to drive innovation and next gen technology and business services."

"Through this process, Craigs have played an important role in shaping the evolution of our software. We're committed to driving innovation because it helps them succeed and make wealth creation more accessible."

Craigs will be one of the first to utilise the latest evolution of the Chelmer Software Suite. Soon to be released, this includes a major update to the platform’s core infrastructure components, and a new UI approach that will enable greater UI personalisation.

About Craigs Investment Partners

Craigs Investment Partners is one of New Zealand's largest investment advisory firms, offering tailored investment solutions to private, corporate and institutional clients. Established in 1984, they now manage more than $20bn (as at Dec 19) worth of client funds, and have over 160 AFA qualified Investment Advisors within 19 branches throughout New Zealand.

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